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Like many who ultimately change the world, Nikkia Ingram saw a need and decided to address it. Inspired by a void that she observed while working in a school setting for many years, she felt moved to provide a helping hand. This drive led to Nikkia founding and becoming the Executive Director of Cultivating Resilient Youth (C.R.Y.), a non-profit organization that serves urban youth. The mission of Cultivating Resilient Youth is to empower, educate, and mentor youth for success in life through program development and academic preparation, while creating opportunities for social change that build a strong foundation for a successful future. 

Having been a young mother, Nikkia knows the power of solid role models and endeavors to be the woman that she needed when she was entering adulthood. She is committed to the professional and personal development of all children and believes that with education and compassionate guidance our youth can accomplish their goals.

Nikkia is the Vice Chair of West End P.O.W.E.R., one of the three Co-Founders of 3k Co-Op, LLC. She is also the Vice Chair for The Win-Char Civic Association and the Executive Secretary for the Westside Mustangs Youth Athletic Association. She is the Program Manager and Lead Mentor for the F.I.Y.A. program (Fierce Inspiring Young Adults), which is an all-girls program under Cultivating Resilient Youth.

Nikkia has received two proclamations from the City of Pittsburgh. One in 2016, for her work with youth and community and the second from the City of Pittsburgh and Big Brother’s Big Sister’s. Nikkia has received several leadership awards from organizations such as the United Way, NBMBAA, A+ Schools, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Brashear High School Student Union, E.C.H.O. Program, WEOPGH, Brown Mamas Pittsburgh Chapter, Visions Towards Peace Counseling Services, LLC, the Pittsburgh Courier’s 50 Women of Excellence and Multiplying Good.

Along this journey, Nikkia has grown in ways that she never imagined. What began as a plan to help the youth she interacted with each day, ended up growing her knowledge, skills, compassion and connection’s. An avid writer and entrepreneur, she started The SimpleeMee Collection and Blogs and Cultivate in Life, LLC, where she is a Certified Master Coach, specializing in character and relationship coaching. She inspires individuals to reach the personal goals in their life to become the best version of themselves. With a passion for relationship building and empowering other women, Nikkia is fully prepared to share her expertise with others. Through her firm, Nikkia Ingram Consulting, she is perfectly positioned to pour into clients in a meaningful and impactful way. 

In addition to her many duties, she is a wife to her loving husband, Myrle, and a mother to her two children, Bryce and Niya. Her greatest joy comes from being a “GiGi” to her grandson, Bryce and granddaughter Nylia. Nikkia’s ultimate goal is to open a transitional home for girls. She’d also like to continue to coach others to greatness. Her message is simple, yet powerful: No matter your circumstance, don’t allow others to put you in a box. You’re not just one thing. You can do and be anything that you desire.

Executive Director: Meet the Team
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